The InnoTech Community is the biggest Italian network of professionals in innovation and technology. Now at its 11th edition, the InnoTech Community organizes several meetings every year with the leaders of the Italian innovation ecosystems on a various range of activities.




Our mission

Understand and embrace the great transformative challenges linked on new technologies in order to build sustainable competitive advantages and to improve the quality of people's lives.

Our numbers in 2021









speakers in our events

The InnoTech Community is supported by a solid network which brings together the protagonists of innovation from Universities and Research Institutions, Industry, Finance and Government in order to enable synergies and encourage technological evolution.

The Community can also count on the Ambrosetti Club, which involves over 350 members in its activities, including entrepreneurs and leaders of national and multinational groups and companies operating in Italy.

The action of the Community is based on Five pillars that involve members on along an annual path.