The Community Life Sciences was born in 2015 with the intention of being a multi-stakeholder platform where industrial, institutional, research, university and financial actors can interact, develop projects and identify challenges and opportunities for innovation within the Life Sciences sector in Italy, enhancing national excellence.


Our mission

Contribute to the enhancement of research and innovation in the Italian Life Sciences sector, promoting centers of excellence and networking with national stakeholders in order to promote knowledge, the development of new projects and to improve the positioning and competitiveness of the Country-System at international level






The Life Sciences Community is supported by a solid network which brings together the protagonists in the innovative scene of  Life Sciences of University and Research, Industry, Finance and Institutions, in order to enable synergies and encourage the creation of opportunities.




The Community can also count on the Ambrosetti Club, which involves over 350 members in its activities, including entrepreneurs and leaders of national and multinational groups and companies operating in Italy.