Tuesday, October 17, 2023 (10 am - 2 pm)

Technological Options for the Advanced Digitalization of Public Administration

Casina Valadier Piazza Bucarest - 00187 ROMA

The most innovative digital technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), are revolutionizing the business and operating models of companies and public institutions, generating significant benefits in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. In the context of Public Administration, such technological solutions will enable the delivery of increasingly advanced services that meet the needs of citizens and businesses, while simultaneously improving the functioning of institutions.  

The European House - Ambrosetti has initiated an in-depth study and discussion on the role, benefits and hindering factors related to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence solutions within both Central and Local Public Administration.  

The initiative involved an intensive stakeholder engagement, developed through two working tables that included over 45 top executives of the Italian PA, as well as the conduct of 24 confidential interviews.  

The key results of the activity carried out were summarized in the Operational Report titled "Technological Options for the Advanced Digitalization of Public Administration". 

During the Final Forum the key results of the project activities will be presented, and some of the stakeholders who participated in the in-depth study, actors from the academic and research world, and representatives of European and international institutions will be involved.  


Corrado Panzeri

Partner, The European House - Ambrosetti


October 17, 2023
10 am - 2 pm