Wednesday, September 28, 2022 (3:00 pm - 6:00 pm)

Technology Forum Life Sciences Week 2022 - The roadmap for innovation and research in Life Sciences: the contribution of the Campania system

Fondazione EBRIS Via De Renzi 50 - 84125 SALERNO

Life sciences represent a strongly developing sector with a great capacity to produce innovation and industrial development. The Campania Region has always shown itself to be attentive to these issues, even recently achieving important results, for example, in projects to combat oncological pathologies. In particular, Campania's new Research and Intelligent Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) 2021-2027 assigns a frontier role to Life Sciences, promoting the development of the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical sectors, by approaching new frontiers of Life Sciences such as E-Health, bioinformatics and big data, and investing in new diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive approaches.
The meeting will be dedicated to delving into the new frontiers of Life Sciences research, identifying development opportunities for the Campania ecosystem and for the country, and gathering new policy and planning indications for the Region and all players in the Life Sciences sector.



Roberto Ascione

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, HEALTHWARE GROUP

Mina Elisha Bekheet

CEO, Panacea Innovation

Giulio Corrivetti

Vicepresidente, Fondazione Ebris

Antonello Cutolo

Professore di Elettronica e Fotonica, Università Federico II, Napoli e Responsabile Scientifico del Laboratorio di Nanofotonica per Applicazione Medicali e Industriali

Sabino Di Matteo

Site Head del Campus per l’Innovazione di Torre Annunziata, Novartis

Alessio Fasano

President, Ebris Foundation

Valeria Fascione

Councillor for Internationalization, Start Up and Innovation, CAMPANIA REGION

Paolo Netti

Center Director, Center for Advanced Biomaterials for Healthcare@CRIB Napoli

Francesco Panariello

Investigator, Laboratory of Integrative Genomics, TIGEM

Corrado Panzeri

Partner & Head of InnoTech Hub, The European House - Ambrosetti

Alessandro Porcu

CEO and President, OpenZone

Matteo Repetto

Medical Oncology Resident Division of New Drugs and Early Drug Development Istituto Europeo di Oncologia

Giovanni Rizzo

Chief Executive Officer, Biouniversa

Fabio Terragni

Member of the Management Committee, Human Technopole


September 28, 2022
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