Wednesday, July 6, 2022 ( 4 pm - 6 pm)

The national cybersecurity strategy 2022 - 2026 and its implications for the businesses

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In a world where the exchange of data and the development of connected technologies are now the basis of all human activity, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important issue.
Indeed, most recent studies show that in the post-COVID-19 world, cyber crime activity has increased by 600%, generating an annual cost of about 6 trillion dollars (equal to about 1% of the world's GDP), which is set to increase to up to 10.5 trillion dollars by 2025. At the Italian level, our country ranks third in the world for the number of ransomware attacks per year.
In this context, thinking in terms of data security and cyber risk prevention becomes an obligation which businesses and public administrations can no longer shy away from. For this reason, on 25 May 2022, the ACN (National Cybersecurity Agency) launched the National Cybersecurity Strategy, an ambitious plan of 82 objectives centred on a threefold axis of: development of a secure data infrastructure, prevention and protection of strategic assets from cyber risk, and crisis management due to cyber attacks.
What are the opportunities for the Italian business ecosystem? What gaps need to be bridged to ensure that our Country is prepared to face cybersecurity challenge? What best practices can act as a driver for change in the Italian ecosystem?


Mauro Colombo

Technology & Innovation Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Italia

Chiara Gatti

Head of Corporate Line Cyber, UnipolSai

Corrado Panzeri

Partner and Head of Innovation & Technology Hub, The European House - Ambrosetti


July 06, 2022
4 pm - 6 pm The National Cybersecurity Strategy 2022 - 2026 and its Implications for Enterprises