Thursday, May 5, 2022 ( 4 pm - 6 pm)


Talent crunch in life sciences: the situation in Italy 

Humanitas Centro Congressi Via Manzoni 113 - 20089 ROZZANO

The panorama on the state of the world of work and related professional profiles in Italy offers important data both in terms of surplus and shortage of human resources. 
Today, Italy is losing its young talents in the Life Sciences.  
In fact, the Life Sciences world in our country is experiencing a mismatch in terms of talent, with an ever-increasing demand and an increasingly difficult search for qualified profiles.  
A hiatus that can allow to find in this "crisis of talents" a moment of reflection, evaluation and, therefore, of creation of the new. 
The meeting, the third and final one in the run-up to Bio€quity Europe 2022, is dedicated to the theme of The Talent Crunch in Life Sciences: the situation in Italy, with the aim of opening a debate on the subject and trying to find solutions and actions to bridge this gap, paving the way to attract, grow and retain talent. 


Julia Beretta

CEO, Genespire

Tiziana Carnicelli

Director, Angelini Academy; Group Education e HR Communication Head, Angelini Holding

Arnaldo De Lisio

Head-hunter e Executive Recruiter; Partner, Catalyst Advisors LP

Riccardo Pietrabissa

Rector of the Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS and Advisor of Research, SCUOLA UNIVERSITARIA SUPERIORE IUSS

Maria Rescigno

Professor of General Pathology and Deputy Pro Rector with delegation to research, Humanitas University

Corrado Panzeri

Associate Partner & Head of the Innovation & Technology Hub, The European House - Ambrosetti


May 05, 2022
4 pm - 6 pm Talent crunch in life sciences: the situation in Italy